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Dear fellow members and friends

12 April 2005

Ideally, I would have arranged the 3 rides following the New Forest weekend in a different order – but I had to take account of a number of factors such as the tendency of the railways to get 'dug up' on  certain Sundays and revert to buses, the start date for the Itchenor ferry  and the high tide times at Bosham. Anyone who would like to organise a future ride please don't be shy!

On our present schedule, the next ride after 5 June will coincide with the London-Brighton Bike Ride. What shall we do? One possibility that's occurred to me is to switch to the Saturday and do the Romney Marsh excursion we've talked about; only 1 change on Sats as against 2 on Sunday trains. 

Anyone who has not yet joined the Clarion and would like to please see website home page for details.

Next Rides

New Forest Youth Hostel Weekend on 23 - 24 April

Joyce  writes:
Just thought it might be worth a last call for anyone interested in joining us on the Saturday for a tour of the New Forest. So – Saturday 23 April – we are meeting at Brockenhurst Station 11am. A gentle ride along the Ornamental Drive and then through the Forest – Lunch at Burley and then a further randonne. Ian will be returning Saturday evening – some of us will stay at the Youth Hostel Saturday night and come back Sunday... If interested let Ian know you're coming.

Sunday 8 May  
Staplefield and Slaugham
25 miles* 
This is a variant on what the 'both sides of the A23' ride we did in March. Across through Hurstpierpoint to  Albourne (by former King's Head). Up through Twineham and Twineham Green to Bolney and then a bit of old main road (now cycle route) bordering the A23 before we cross and follow the route on to Staplefield. The Victory by the village green looks to be the best bet for lunch – but there is also the Jolly Tanners nearby and the Chequers at Slaugham after we have passed under the A23 at the bottom of Handcross Hill. At Slaugham Common ponds we turn for home returning via Warninglid and Wineham and then retracing our route back to Hassocks Station from Albourne.

Catch 10.45 from Brighton Station or meet at 11.08 at Hassocks station. Return trains leave at 47 minutes past the hour from Hassocks. {Mysteriously there seems to be a 10.50 that involve a change at Hove which also arrives at 11.08! Best check for yourself nearer the time.}

* A feature of this 'parallel roads' ride is that if the weather turns bad or we feel knackered before we get to Staplefield there are no less than 4 points at which we can shorten the ride by cycling a mile or so west and joining our return route 'prematurely'.

Sunday 22 May
Chichester Harbour
- very flat! 20-25 miles

As last year, taking the Chichester Canal path to get out of the city and then down to Sidlesham. A glimpse of Pagham Harbour and then across to West Itchenor where we'll take the ferry (pedestrians and cyclists only) across the Chichester Channel and from there into Bosham and then back to Chichester via Fishbourne.  

Catch 10.17 from Brighton Station or meet at 11.19 at Chichester station. Return trains leave at 53 minutes past the hour from Chichester. NB all direct & Southern trains.

Sunday 5 June
(A different) Berwick Circular  

Berwick station – Michelham – Arlington - Wilmingon – Alfriston – Berwick church – old coach road – Selmeston – Berwick station. Only about 16 miles but some of it on fairly rough track – and lots of stops for photos and refreshments!

We head north for a couple of miles to Michelham Priory, where no doubt Fred will be busy  with his camera. Then we turn south through Arlington making for Wilmington with what should be good views of the Long Man. Past what remains of Wilmington Priory and village we make our way round to the Sussex Ox (not to be confused with the Brighton Bullock) for lunch in the (we hope) sunny garden.  Retracing our steps a little we cross the Cuckmere and make a brief visit to Alfriston before heading back towards the A27. But just before Drusilas we take to a track – usually cyclable but only short if we  decide to walk which  brings us to Berwick Church. We then make our way out to the Old Coach Road and follow it past the Alciston turn to Bo-Peep where we regain a tarmac surface and follow the road down to the main  road at Selmeston. At this point we will decide whether to simply cross the road and head back to Berwick station or to divert to the Selmeston tearoom.

Art/Architecture  notes

The moated Michelham Priory – a popular 'visit' – was founded in 1229 by Augustinian Canons. Not so much remains of the earlier – 'before 1100' according to Pevsner – Wilmington Priory. A visit to Berwick Church is a more or less essential part of the local 'Bloomsbury tour' featuring the nearby Charleston Farmhouse and Virginia Woolf's  house at Rodmell. Here the attraction is the wall paintings – not medieval ones as we saw at Clayton but ones painted in 1942-3  by Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell and Quentin Bell.  Pevsner – an apostle of modernism despite his dedication to cataloguing the 'Buildings of England' of all periods commented: 'It was a noble effort on the part of the bishop – art in wartime and modern art in a church, yet one when remembers Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell in their prime, how sad does it seem now, so conventional, so sentimental.'

Catch the 10.14 from Brighton station or meet at Berwick station at 10.41 (no changes). Equivalent trains for return at 34 minutes past the hour.

The Last Ride

Sunday 10 April Upper Beeding Report by Helen

An unpromising start weather-wise turned round to sunbathing between the cow pats on the sloping grassy banks in front of Coombes church from which it was difficult to stir even though we had not long before been refreshed by lunch.

Richard C, Sharen, Richard P, Joyce, Helen, Tessa and Ian outside Carats

Richard C, Sharen, Richard P, Joyce, Helen, Tessa and Ian outside Carats

Earlier on we had resisted the delights of Carats Café in favour of watching the ship, The City of Chichester, through the lock gates at Southwick.

Ian leads the ride alongside the River Adur

Ian leads the ride alongside the River Adur

The Coastal Link path was dry all the way to the lunch stop at The Bridge at Upper Beeding – a delightful location where we were told Duck Races were taking place.

The Bridge at Upper Beeding

The Bridge at Upper Beeding

Disappointed not to have our curiosity satisfied in spite of a few bets as to the winner, whether Daffy or Donald, in aid of the local football club, we were lured away in favour of the frescos in St Botolphs and Coombes medieval churches.

Sunbathing outside Coombes church

Sunbathing outside Coombes church

Ian insisted the ride was 100% flat, because he had not changed gear all day, but others begged to differ. Yet we weren't complaining – a wonderful varied day was had by all – and a great turnout: Fred, Ian, Joyce, Richard Carroll, Richard Penfound, Sharen, Tessa, and me, Helen, of course. Not least enjoyable were the excellent cakes at Shoreham Airport where we stopped for tea.

Tea at the airport

Tea at the airport

And there was more! Before returning to Brighton we crossed to Shoreham Beach to have a look at the motley collection of houseboats that have been in the local news lately. New to most of us.

The minesweeper Fische

The minesweeper Fische at Shoreham Beach


New Members. A while back I received (blank) membership cards for you all and have toted them about with me to give you at each Clarion event. At last on Sunday, I was able to hand over Tessa's – but learnt that she hadn't received (as I'd assumed you all had) the pocket-sized Clarion handbook all we 2004 members were  sent. I will write soon (he doesn't have e mail) to our national membership secretary, Merlin Evans and see if he can conjure some up for you. (ho!ho!)

National Clarion Events

Charles Jepson has asked me to draw your attention to the following. Let me know if you want details of any of them.

Sat/Sun 4/5 June Clarion Time Trial Championship at Sawtry.

Sunday 12 June 2nd Annual Clarion Ride from Bolton (presumably to Clarion Café as last year)

Saturday 18 June Track Training Day at Manchester Velodrome

Friday 30 Sept to Sunday 2 October Wortley Hall Autumn Meet (near Sheffield).

He's also sent me the minutes of the Annual Conference. Bob is quite prominent in the debates (how about a brief report on this and your Audax activities, Bob?). His final mention is under AOB. I quote: 'Bob Harber (Brighton & Hove) asked the meeting to record thanks to Ian Bullock for his efforts in getting the Brighton and Hove Section started, membership had risen from 1 to 23 in less than two years. (Note from Sec. also an excellent website which gives an ideal illustration of exactly what is meant by our motto: 'fellowship is life'.)

Well what can I say? Except 'Thanks Bob!' and indeed 'Thanks Charles!' – and above all 'Thanks Fred!' without whom there would be no website to win such compliments!

Anyone wanting to see conference minutes please let me know.



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