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Dear fellow members and friends

10 June 2006

It was nice to see Jed and Neil, who found us via the net, last Sunday. Hope that either or both will join us again next time they’re in our area. Can I take the opportunity of reminding everyone that they can get more details of rides and other activities – including usually photos – via the excellent website that Fred has created for us.? There's a 'history' page and among other things 'items for sale' which tells you about the various Clarion gear that I still have a few of to save you going via the national route. The last two caps/hats are now spoken for, but I've still got badges and copies of Denis Pye's history of the Club. [Still waiting for news about T-shirts.]

Only one 'taker' (Jim) for Romney Marsh to date – so that's on a backburner for the moment.

Our next ride is of course the Shoreham Old Tollbridge Ride on 25 June. Quite a few of us have signed up for one or other of the rides – which is great. I haven't had details of starting times etc yet but I imagine that we will all be able to meet before the 'off' for a group photo – and I hope also afterwards for a cuppa at Shoreham Airport. Will do another circular as soon as I get details and can plan something. Anyone still not registered please use Fred's link for an entry form  


The Last Ride – John's report [photos by Joyce]
Sunday 4 June
Glynde circular
(approx 20 miles)
I met Joyce at Brighton joining up with Ian, Neil P Jeff, Neil & Jed at Glynde. Neil and Jed joining us for the first time! Joyce made a telephone call to see if Fred was joining us, unfortunately he could not on this ride, no truth of course in the rumour that he had overslept!

Having gathered for the traditional group photograph, the merry band cycled down the A27 turning off towards the village of Ripe.
The weather was rather different to the previous ride a fortnight ago, from battling though the driving rain, this ride was just about prefect, the sun shone on us for the day.

the merry band
At one point Joyce treated us to 'O what a beautiful morning', I believe the song on the last ride was 'Rain drops keep falling on my head'! [Actually, I believe it was ‘Singin’ in the Rain'! IB]
Hot news, I was told to mention that Neil won the rabbit! He guessed the name as Andrew – but refused to accept the prize, saying that he 'did not have the room' – turned out it was a toy rabbit!
At one point we were overtaken by a very fast group of cyclist who may have been the CTC on a relaxing fifty miler at three times the speed of our joyous group!

The Yew Tree Inn
Lunch stop was a pub The Yew Tree Inn near Chalvington with a fantastic garden. We met Buster the dog – a two year old who was doing the round of tables looking for food. The dog even hung around Neil for a while hoping to get some of the tasty morsels of apple and banana – which some people may feel is rather a strange choice for a dog! Is it possible to have a vegetarian dog? Also a discussion about macro economics … (us, not the dog). Chat turned to the next cycle ride which is a meet at the Shoreham Toll Bridge. The question was also asked about whether anybody was going to Brighton first 'World Naked Bike Ride' on the 10 June – nobody appeared to be planning to attend … but then again…

The Yew Tree Inn
The more observant amongst you will notice that I have written very little about the route of the ride itself. This unfortunate situation is because I am always in a permanent state of being lost and until the lunch stop, to be honest; I was not paying an awful lot of attention! What changed at the pub – well I think it was Ian who democratically elected me as the scribe for this report. Hence the lack of detail, it is only post-pub that I thought I had better start paying some attention. At which point, after beer and food, a number of my main faculties seized to function at all!
Something which you always notice on the country roads is the amount of 'road-kill'. On one road the number of dead rabbits in quite a short length of carriageway seemed to be rather more than usual, at one point three wee bodies were counted in about five metres..
We all paused for a while to gaze at the weird and wonderful creatures with the long necks and cute faces, the llamas and alpacas near Glyndebourne – really surreal having such strange looking, yet fascinating creatures across the landscape.

An attempt to snap the new baby llamas
We stopped at Glynde Place – a slightly longer wait than normal as the tea urn was not working and the humble kettle had to be used – we were also treated to an excess of tea and coffee, and rather long wait for Joyce's toasted tea cake – which she very kindly shared around the band.

Laughs on the road
Ian delivered us all safely back at Glynde station in good time for the 15.53 train back down the line to Brighton.
Joyce propositioned a walker with walking sticks with a 'been skiing today'. He took it with good humour and did point out that he had that said to him on a number of occasions …
On the train we had a good view of the paragliders out in force off one of the hills overlooking Lewes.
A nice relaxing day with a good and varied ride. Thanks Ian.

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