The Drums of Armageddon. British Socialists and the Outbreak of War, July - December 1914

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Some Features of the Book

The Drums of Armageddon, an online talk by Ian Bullock 17 June 2020.
This free talk was part of the Working Class Movement Library's live-streamed Invisible Histories series.

Under Siege. The Independent Labour Party in Interwar Britain Athabasca University Press, 2017

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Some Features of the Book

Chartist review Duncan Bowie 'Democratic Reformism or Revolutionary Centralism?'

Romancing the Revolution. The Myth of Soviet Democracy and the British Left was published by Athabasca University Press in 2011

Print: ISBN 978-1-926836-12-6
E-Book: ISBN 978-1-926836-13-3

Some Features of the Book

Current Work in Progress

Hyndman and the 'Old Guard of the SDF' Social-Democracy with a Hyphen

or a similar title will, I hope, be published in 2021. It will begin with the foundation of the Social-Democratic Federation in 1884 and trace the development of the distinctive version - or versions - of socialism into the First World War and the 1920s.

Dictionary entry

Entry on Walter Kendall in Dictionary of Labour Biography Volume XIII (2010) - with Tony Carew

Unpublished article

'Labour Leader and the Bolsheviks' 2003

Socialist History articles.

This appeared in Socialist History 44 Anti-Communism on the Left in 2014. ISBN 978 181 5. ISSN 0969 433

The original British Ultra-Left, 1917-1924 [PDF]

And in Socialist History 57 British Labour and Internationalism

Internationalism, nationalism and the United States of Europe. The British Left and the outbreak of war in 1914

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Short Chartist articles

Chartist is a well-established journal of democratic socialism published six times a year. I contributed a short article, "The ILP and the Living Wage" which appeared in Chartist 257, July/August 1912 and "Chartism old and new" in 258, September/October 2012.

"The ILP and the Living Wage"

"Chartism old and new"

Early in 2014 I was asked by Chartist to write a short article about the First World War a century previously. The original idea was that other people would supply further articles, but as far as I am aware no one did, and in the end I contributed three pieces. Anticipating that others would write on the Left wing opposition to the war, the No Conscription Fellowship, the Union of Democratic Control and other more obvious topics I decided to leave these to them and tackle less well-known aspects of the Left's experience of the war. Doing these articles is what gave me the idea for Drums of Armageddon

"Socialist Struggles with the 'Great' War' " appeared in Chartist 266 in the January/February 2014; "Armageddon as a people's war?" in 268 May/June 2014 and "The pro-war socialist patriots" in 271 November/December 2014

"Working Class Democracy?" in May/June 2018


Gidon Cohen, The Failure of a Dream. The Independent Labour Party from Disaffiliation to World War II, Taurus, 2007

Dennis Pilon, Wrestling with Democracy. Voting Systems as Politics in the Twentieth-Century West University of Toronto Press, 2013.

Draft review which appeared in Labour/Le Travail in 2014.

My review essay "The Rise and Fall of New Labour? A Social Democracy for 21st Century Britain" which discusses Stephen Meredith's Labours Old and New. The Parliamentary Right of the British Labour Party 1970-79 and Trade Unions in a Neoliberal World. British Trade Unions Under New Labour appeared in Labour/Le Travail, (Journal of Canadian Labour Studies, 64 Fall/Automne 2009 and can be accessed via the website

Seminar and Conference papers

  London Socialist Historian's Conference "The Vote - What Went Wrong? 27 February 2010

 "Gulfs, fissures and cracks. Democracy and the British Left in the early 20th Century"

Sussex University History Research-in-Progress seminars

  'The Myth of Soviet Democracy and the British Left,' February 2002

  'LABOUR LEADER and the Bolsheviks,' 10 March 2005

  'Romancing the Revolution. The Myth of Soviet Democracy and the British Left,' 8 December 2011

  'Was it really "Left in the Centre?" The significance of the interwar Independent Labour Party,' 27 November 2014

Manchester University 'Writing in Opposition' conference May 2007

  Conference flier

 'Real Democracy' and the British Left in the early C20

Brighton Branch of the Historical Association

  'Sylvia Pankhurst revisited', February 2004

Chartist AGM 2018
'The Independent Labour Party - lessons for today?

What I think I have learnt from my research since 1975

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