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Short Chartist articles

Chartist is a well-established journal of democratic socialism published six times a year. I contributed a short article, "The ILP and the Living Wage" which appeared in Chartist 257, July/August 1912 and "Chartism old and new" in 258, September/October 2012.

"The ILP and the Living Wage"

"Chartism old and new"

Early in 2014 I was asked by Chartist to write a short article about the First World War a century previously. The original idea was that other people would supply further articles, but as far as I am aware no one did, and in the end I contributed three pieces. Anticipating that others would write on the Left wing opposition to the war, the No Conscription Fellowship, the Union of Democratic Control and other more obvious topics I decided to leave these to them and tackle less well-known aspects of the Left's experience of the war. Doing these articles is what gave me the idea for Drums of Armageddon

"Socialist Struggles with the 'Great' War' " appeared in Chartist 266 in the January/February 2014; "Armageddon as a people's war?" in 268 May/June 2014 and "The pro-war socialist patriots" in 271 November/December 2014

Unpublished article

'Labour Leader and the Bolsheviks' 2003

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