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the Movers team with presenter Tony Robinson, left to right: David Owen, Tony Robinson, Andrew Beaumont, Lynn Harter and Russell Catlow

David Owen, a former mayor of Blackpool
Lynn Harter, librarian who has done a course in local history
Russell Catlow, involved in running the local council's deckchair concession since 1972, and manager of Blackpool Zoo
Andrew Beaumont, also involved in the deckchair concession

The form and functions of present-day towns and cities reflect their origins -- that is, the people and/or institutions that had a hand in setting them up. Blackpool is no exception -- the fact that there was not one large landowner who shaped the town has led to its rather piecemeal development. The Movers team's job is to trace Blackpool's movers and shakers, from the first landowners to the setting up of local government and beyond.
Sir John Bickerstaffe, publican, Mayor of Blackpool, director of The Blackpool Tower Company Ltd, and the last owner of Raikes Hall