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The cashiers' office, after the fire of 1936, showing the safes containing books and trophies
The cashiers' office after the fire of 1936 -- the Fire team found evidence from this photograph that the fire spread under the floor
The core sample from near the environmental protestors' camp
Molten glass from the 1936 fire, found in the environmental protesters' camp
Dr Carl Chinn and the Dome team weren't able to investigate the Oxford LMS station because the eviction of eco-warriors was in progress
The Oxford LMS station opened on 1 May 1851 and the first excursion was a trip to the Crystal Palace -- the similarity in design and construction was deliberate
The Oxford LMS station, designed by Joseph Paxton and built by Fox and Henderson, used similar iron and glass prefabricated components to those used in the Crystal Palace
The only iron column remaining from the 1851 building, resurrected as a memorial outside the Crystal Palace Museum, on the site of one of the water towers
This subway, built in 1865, is all that remains of the original Crystal Palace complex
Inside the subway -- gas lamps once hung from the roof
The grave of ten navvies who died in a fall from the roof of the Crystal Palace, August 1853. Ken Kiss is holding a transcription of the lettering on the gravestone