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Check out these flattering and weird pictures of me through the ages!

Historical pix!

Dan Clowes Tony Robinson Chip Taylor
  Fred gets his copy of Ghost world signed by Daniel Clowes in Edinburgh, August 2001   Fred with Tony Robinson on the set of Time Team Live 2001, Salisbury  

Fred with 'Wild thing' composer Chip Taylor at Brighton's Pavilion Theatre, 28 May 2000

  Douglas Coupland   Sandi Toksvig   Michael Moore
  Fred and Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X at Brighton's Borders bookshop
2 March 2000
  Fred and Sandi Toksvig at Time Team Live, somewhere near Kings Lynn, August 1998   Fred and Michael Moore author of Stupid White Men, at The Duke of Yorks cinema, Brighton, 2 December 2002
  Chris Ware   Steve Bell   Bill Tidy
  Fred and Chris Ware, signing my Quimby the Mouse book on The Mall outside the ICA, 8 June 2004   Fred and Steve Bell at the opening of the Leo Baxendale exhibition at Hove Museum, 11 February 2005   Fred and the world's greatest living cartoonist Bill Tidy at the opening of his exhibition The Tidy Mind at Worthing Museum, Friday 29 April 2005. Photo by Jo Moore.
  Fred, Solani S Mthombeni, and Risenga Makondo
at The Bugle, Brighton, Thursday 16 June 2005.
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