Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton
On the Level!

On The Level

The Level has some of the widest and longest cycle lanes (or paths) in Brighton
but getting on and off that triangle of greenery that is Brighton's Central Park
can be a bit of a mystery!

approaching the Level

The Level is over there to the right.
We're heading south down the Lewes Road ...
but what's this little detour to the left??
A picnic lay-by?


Here's a close-up ...
Apparently, the technical term is 'jug handle',
and they are usually associated with a crossing of some sort...
but not here,
unless it's to get you on the right-hand side of the traffic,
so as to turn right onto The Level?
There's a superior example in Croydon

Fire strike

And a view north.
This oddity was brought to my attention by correspondents Pat McCarter
and an anonymous person from that fine anarchist newspaper Schnews

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