Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton
Miscellaneous weirdness of Brighton

West Street

Just when I thought Brighton's cycle lanes were getting too sensible,
Clive Andrews drew my attention to this piece of street art at the bottom of West Street!
Apparently the kits of parts are quite expensive!
This is how it should be done.

King's Esplanade

I love how the cycle lane on King's Esplanade in Hove
(near Maroccos cafe and Medina House) has been patched up!

Asda at Hollingbury

Brighton & Hove City Council welcomes dismounted cyclists!
The visitor cycle parking at Kings House is round the back
through the staff car park.
But you can't cycle to it!

corner parking

Latest car craze in Brighton – corner parking!
The aim is to prevent people with pushchairs or bikes etc
or people in wheelchairs from ever leaving their home block.
This is the corner of Ditchling Rise and Yardley Street.

This is a rather snazzy cycle lane at Preston Circus,
right outside the Duke of York's cinema...

So here we are outside the Fire Station.
But how do you get from here onto the newly traffic-free
(except for taxis and buses) London Road, over yon?

A rather good short cut from Beaconsfield Road to Stanley Road,
by the Duke of York's cinema.

This is the famous Brighton promenade cycle lane –
the one usually with day-trippers strolling down it.
Here some utility or other tries to lure the unsuspecting cyclist into a large hole.
Note the interesting vernacular signage. (In all fairness, the hole has now gone!)

Here are some helpful Brighton bobbies showing a dismounted cyclist
the location of the nearest cycle lane,
during an August 1996 Reclaim the streets.

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