Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton

Build your own cyclelane


You will need Road Marking Diagram 1057, as above,
and some white paint and a large stiff brush.
Best to try this only on your own private road,
else you may get in trouble off the council.

Please feel free to improvise!
Philip Carter's book 1057 shows
the many different flavours of symbol 1057!


Sometimes, they face the other way!

1057 kit

A new contra-flow cycle lane by the Jubilee Library.
The 1057s are no longer done by hand, but come in a kit from

1057 assembled

They are assembled...

glued to the road

... then glued to the road and heated with a gas burner.

Gas burner at work

Gas burner at work further along.

The cycle lane in progress.

The cycle lane in progress.

The finished bike lane.

The finished bike lane, looking south.

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