Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton
Short cycle lanes of Brighton

View from the east
View from the west

Is this Brighton's shortest cycle lane?

It might have been the first, but it's no longer the shortest!

It is situated at the junction of Gloucester Street and St George's Place
(London Road/Old Steine segment)
by The (Brighton) Gloucester nite club, not far from St Peter's church.
What is it there for?
It's about the length of a small bicycle
and is usually covered over by a parked car or skip.

See it as it is now

Could this be the shortest?
Just 5 feet long at it's shortest; 6ft at its longest.
It's on a traffic island at Preston Circus, outside the Duke of York's Cinema.
Here is a view looking north

Another view, looking north west
(historic photo – the Stanford Arms is now called Circus Circus)

Or how about this for a weird one?
At the top of Viaduct Road, now one way – the wrong way!

Or this one, a double ender at the junction of Baker Street and Ditchling Road,
by the Level, a view towards Baker Street (see Weird middle of the road lanes)

Another view, towards the Level

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