Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton
Scary cycle lanes of Brighton

Coombe Terrace

Double parking on the Lewes Road cycle route at Coombe Terrace looking north –
this was taken on a Sunday so isn't too bad!

For the latest news on Coombe Terrace, check out the Bricycles website.

View from east
View from west

This is on New England Street, near Cheapside, by The Annexe.
At the eastern end,
you can cross the oncoming traffic to get onto Ann Street

Looking west towards Seven Dials
Looking east towards Preston Circus

This scary double one is on New England Road, near Preston Circus

This is the way onto it from Elder Place

View from the Level end of Oxford Street, looking west, with St Bartholomews, the tallest church in England, looming in the distance
View looking east – yikes, watch out for that bus! This cycle lane is a death trap! Would you use it??

This very scary weird one leads onto a very short lane,
which in turn sort of leads onto The Level

This is a non-scary middle of the road lane, but what is it for?
It's on St Peters Place, near the Level.
A view looking west towards London Road.

A view looking east, at the imposing 1960s building that houses the Phoenix Gallery

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