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ear trumpet man Vernier Press publishes beautiful books for enthusiasts and collectors of scientific and medical antiques.

There are currently four titles on our list. Antique Hearing Devices by Elisabeth Bennion is available in paperback (still available) and as limited-edition (100 copies) hardback books (these are now all sold out). Antique Medicine Chests by Anne Mortimer Young was available as paperbacks (these are now all sold out) and as limited-edition (100 copies) hardback books (these are also now all sold out).

British Corkscrew Patents from 1795 by Fletcher Wallis is available only as a signed and numbered limited-edition (1000 copies) hardback.

Cabinet of Wonders by Angela Dove was the first of our Vernier Poets.

If you live near or are visiting London, you can also purchase these books from Fletcher Wallis, who has a stall at Units 60 and 62, Admiral Vernon Arcade, Portobello Road, only on Saturdays 8.30-3.30.

Please address all further enquiries to Fletcher Wallis.


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