Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton
(and now Hove, actually)

Hove's cycle-unfriendly seafront

Welcome to Hove!

Link – What is Hove, actually ?

No, this isn't a cycle lane, it's Hove's extemely wide and spacious esplanade –
and you'll be fined £500 if you try to join the jolly rollerbladers,
skateboarders, microscooterists and wheelchair users
enjoying the sea air and beautiful views ...
unless ...
you're on a recumbent!

(there is a cycle lane, actually,
on the landward side of the lawns,
next to the fumey & noisy vehicular traffic).


Came across this short one in Hove at the end of Connaught Road
the flanking scuptures are by E Altenburger and are called 'Sediment' and 'Cut'


How did I miss this tiddler in Hove – on Church Road heading east, just after Tescos

ist Avenue

Our Hove correspondent Les Robinson sent in the above strangeness –
there a close-up below:

Ist Avenue, looking east

Les writes: I was looking (with council events officer) at tidgy lane on footpath
between 1st Avenue and the toucan over the A259 (photo is looking east).
We concluded there was a logic in this strange Planet Zog world, as follows:

1 meant council did not have to do something that would be useful but cost more,
ie put in a contraflow lane on the service road which happens to face the wrong way (see above pic).

2 they ALSO knew that the cyclists would ignore the silly little pavement lane
and contraflow along 20ft of – deserted – one-way street just the same
whether there was an exemption or not! Whole thing is a fudge and waste of money.

3 problem stems from the top, with HMG,
cos what we need is a rule that councils can put 'Except Cycles'
under the No Entry plate as is done everywhere else but this Benighted Kingdom ...

yes, that is a 'Cyclists dismount' sign by the toucan lights

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