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Here are some other top cartoon and illustration sites:

First, in the UK:

Around Brighton:
Our very own Brighton Illustrators Group site

Martin Shovel has a site worth seeing
As does the immensely talented Ellis Nadler
Paul Cemmick has a website
Check out Bill Donohoe's website.
An interview with John 'Magic' Avon.

Mike Levy's Flash animations are on his Marineboy website
He also did Carol Seatory's Minky website
Check out comic artist Lorna Miller's website
More Flash from Peter Greenwood

John Wallace was on the telly with his Twins
Strawberrie Donnelly used the same Flash-tastic designer
Brian Grimwood – one of Brighton's most famous illustrators!
Geo Parkin has his own site
The very talented Neil Gower's website.
Jane Spencer's gorgeous website.
And the website of the equally gorgeous Sam Toft, where you can send e-cards.

In the rest of the UK:
My Manchester friend Lois Blackburn's sensational silk paintings
One of my all-time favourite cartoonists Hunt Emerson
Paul Shorrock's page

The Association of Illustrators has its own site, and very nice it is too.

In the US of A:
John Hersey's page
J otto Seibold's page

The i spot has lots of illustrator's portfolios
ZAKS illustrators source

Mailing lists
Brighton illustrators