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A Cockney Alphabet

A for ’orses
B for mutton
C for sailors (for th’Highlanders)
D for rent
E for brick
F for vest
G for police
H for beauty
I for hangover
J for oranges
K for a drink
L for leather
M for services
N for eggs
O for the rainbow
P for a whistle
Q for the flicks
R for moment (for Askey)
S for you (for Rantzen)
T for two
U for mystic (for cough, for nerve, for knee)
V for l’amour
W for a quid
X for breakfast
Y for ****’s sake (for mistress)
Z for breezes (for effect, for de dogtor — I hab a bad code iddy doze)
from Comic Alphabets by Eric Partridge, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London 1961

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