Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton
Brighton cycle lanes
terminated by metal posts

View from north
View from south

A short dogleg cycle lane terminating with a metal post!
It was situated halfway along the Queens Road –
such is the influence of this website,
it has now been removed as part of the Station-to-the-sea
'boulevard' redevelopment scheme.

no post!

View from north, taken 19 May 1999

no post - from South

View from south, taken 19 May 1999

looking west

This weird one is on the junction of London Road and St Peter's Place.
Oh! the influence of this website – only hours after this photo was taken
the council came along with lots of red stuff – and the result?

looking west

That's much better!

moving post

Blimey! The influence this website wields!!
When I revisited this one the other day (29 December 2002),
what did I find? The post has been moved!

towards St Peter's

Before (looking south towards St Peter's church) ...

looking south

... and after – look! a real cyclist!!

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