Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton
North Street Quadrant

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North Street Quadrant

It seems I owe the Council an apology.
It was not them who closed the North Street Quadrant,
a route that's become a running battle between Bricycles and the council,
but 'the developers' who closed this handy short cut to Queens Road
(as still indicated by the sign)!
Now cyclists have to take a very sharp left turn
the other side of the Clock Tower,
avoiding the buses and taxis cutting them up.
Apparently the Council is looking into getting it reopened,
but who exactly is in charge of our public highways, anyway?

Advanced stop lines

advanced stop lines

The Council has started installing Advanced Stop Lines at traffic lights.
unfortunately nobody told the motorists how to use them,
they are not supposed to venture onto them –
or park on the feeder lanes, as above.

advanced stop lines

There isn't one on the other side of Preston Circus,
which would be an ideal candidate because
a) a cycle lane ends there, and
b) most traffic turns immediately left,
whereas cyclists will want to go straight on.
As a result cyclists continue on the pavement,
in front of the Fire Station
and cross at the pelican crossing onto the London Road

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