Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton

On The Level

More photos on Flickr.


Cycle South

Critical Mass Brighton

Pointless cycle lanes in Bournemouth

Did Martians Land on the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path?

Weirdness in Warrington

A short lane in Cambridge

City Cyclists

Croydon Cycling Campaign

Crap cycle lanes of Croydon

Take a look at the New uses for Raynes Park cycle track page
from Richard Evans of the Merton Cycling Campaign

Edinburgh cycling

Misc cycle lane weirdness from Andy Preece

Cycle facilities in Milngavie

John Franklin's Cyclecraft Cycling Digest
includes informative section on infrastructure

City cycling online mag

The Framley Advertiser front page story

Cycle Lewes!

Brighton and Hove Clarion Cycling Club

Bike for Life
Cycle training and promotion organisation
covering Brighton&Hove and Sussex

That fine anarchist newspaper Schnews

See Red protest sites

South Coast Mobile bikes – repairers that come to you!

Crap cycle lanes

Stuck for an Xmas gift? Check out 'Crap cycle lanes'
published by Eye Books at £4.99,
with all royalties going to the Cycling Defense Fund.
It's a spin off from the Warrington Cycle campaign
and amazingly contains NO images of Brighton cycle lanes!

International section!

The cycling horrors of Brussels (in French)

John S. Allen's
Massachusetts website has lots of legal stuff and a splendid links page

Please contact me if you know of any short
or just plain weird cycle lanes (or cycle paths) elsewhere.

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