Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton


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Cobbles removed at last!

no cobbles

Joyous news! Hold the front page! After almost three painful years, the cycle-trap cobbles
on Providence Place and Ann Street have finally been removed!

no cobbles

These were the lethal ones that would catch you out
as you glided down the Ann Street hill from Sainsbury's with a full pannier of fragile shopping.

no cobbles

The workmen told me they were next going to tackle the killer cobbles
at the top of York Place. This council-approved cycle route
will now (hopefully) be obstacle free!

cobbles up

Cobbles sabotage (see below): someone had a go at digging them up...

cobbles patched

...but the Council patched them up.

Down (or up!) with the cobbles!


Rows of cobbles designed to knobble the unwary cyclist
seem to be springing up all over the place.
Just round the corner from the new cycle lane (see below),
the council (actually it's 'the developers' again)
have laid rows of cobbles across Providence Place, Elder Place and Ann Street.
What are they for?
They clearly don't calm cars,
but are a hazard to cyclists using this quiet route
from Preston Circus to the North Laine,
designated a blue 'official cycle route' on the council's latest cycling map.
My saddle bag jumped off once while negotiating this barrier.
Ironically, because of the road camber,
the middle section where the cars go is relatively lower!

Further along Providence Place by St Bartholomews church.
At least here they have left a gap for cyclists to squeeze through!


Cobbles at the 'entrance' to the cul de sac, bottom of Ann Street,
by Ransom's and St Bart's church, opposite Boots on London Road.
What are they for? They clearly don't deter cars from entering,
but are a hazard to cyclists using this as a through route to London Road.


It's not obvious here but some cobbles are
about an inch (24.5mm) proud of the road surface.

New England Street

Within the station site proper (New England Street)
they've put a bike lane through the cobbles -
why couldn't they have done that on Providence Place?
Mind you, cyclists heading north still have to negotiate the cobbles.
This lane is now painted pink – see above.

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