Weird Cycle Lanes of Brighton
Asda, Hollingbury

Asda at Hollingbury

Dave Green alerted me to this one.
He writes: If you are at Asda at Hollingbury
you will see another sledgehammer to crack a nut.
When the original lines were drawn you hit a raised kerb,
a usual pole in the way, island not wide enough for a bike, etc.
I wrote to Roger Simmons, who declared that a cycle lane/path is need here,
and the amendments are some of my objections.
There are still barriers preventing reasonable access into the Asda cycle route,
but at least sensible cyclists are making their own detour.

Asda at Hollingbury

If you come from Carden Avenue into Crowhurst Road
you will see that there is a new entrance into Asda.
From this direction the cycle bit starts from behind a bus stop
and attempts to 'improve' access for cyclists,
though any sensible cyclist will stay on the road because traffic is slowed
by an island and cut straight into the barrier bypass.

Ist Avenue, looking east

Looking towards Asda

Asda at Hollingbury

Leaving Asda, you can avoid the roundabout by crossing here,
onto the short cycle lane, and turn left, across the road.

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